Awaiting ATAR Results and worried that you might not hit the mark for your preferred course?

Year 12 students often experience pressure around making career and education choices, being told that Year 12 is the most important year of their life. With ATAR results to be released this week, students (and parents) can be worried about what to do if they don’t get the ATAR score required to enter their ideal course.


Career Ahead’s Managing Director, Katea Gidley, was recently interview for ABC Radio’s Weekend Evenings Program with Mike van Acker on the topic of further education and career pathways for young people who might not get the ATAR they were aiming for. In the interview, Katea shares advice about the many pathways available to enter higher or vocational education, opening up a world of possibilities for your future career.

"Building confidence with Year 12’s is so important...
your ATAR is a number, don’t define yourself by that number.
All is not lost if you don’t actually get that number when your results come out."

Katea Gidley – Managing Director, Career Ahead

Take a listen to the interview here: