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What does Industry Engagement mean to an Employer?

As an employer, there is much to be gained from offering industry engagement opportunities to tertiary students, however there is little in the way of guidance on how to cultivate these relationships, and ensure they are mutually beneficial. Unfortunately, the value proposition for employers is seldom communicated by the institutions [...]

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How can Employability Programs be improved?

In applying for tertiary institutions, the best and brightest students consider a number of crucial factors which will likely determine the trajectory of their careers for years to come. While curriculum, location, and lifestyle will all play a part, it is the universities offering superior employability programs, and heightened levels [...]

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How do Australian universities stack up for graduate employability?

The QS graduate employability rankings are well regarded as the standard for graduate outcome assessment. Two Australian universities were ranked in the top 10 globally for employment outcomes in their 2018 release. Read Article

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What are the real employment outcomes for international Australian university graduates?

This study commissioned by the Australian Universities International Directors’ Forum (AUIDF) investigates early employment outcomes for international graduates following the introduction of post-study work rights policies in Australia. Read Article

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Boosting the employability of graduates. What are the challenges and where are the gaps?

Technological advances and an accelerating digital landscape have placed increasing pressure on curriculum, leading to an ever-expanding skills gap for current graduates. How do we help bridge this gap between employer expectations and graduate preparation? Read Article

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Skilled Migration Policy Ramifications for Foreign Student Employability

On the back of a surge of highly skilled, domestic graduates and shifting foreign education policy guidelines, international students are now less than half as likely to end up working as professionals if they stay in Australia after graduating. Read Article

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Why your degree is no longer the golden ticket to employment it once was

Historically university grades have been a strong signal to employers of the potential value you can offer to their organisation, but with top tier employers beginning to turn away from this age-old indicator, does this spell the end of the university degree?

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Preparing for the workforce of the future. What skills will you need and what jobs will you have?

Teetering on the brink of the new and impending industrial revolution, what competing forces are driving the workplace of the future and how can you best place yourself to be prepared? Read Article

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Do you really need a degree to get a good job?

The Department of Jobs and Small Business (formerly the Department of Employment) has released its latest forecast, with employment levels from 2017 to 2022 set to increase by nearly one million. But how many of these jobs will require a degree? Less than you might think. Read Article

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