Bradley Sly

With over five years’ experience working closely with educational partners, Bradley has gained extensive experience identifying the key drivers of performance improvements across the student journey. Having worked across multiple industries including retail, local council and education, Bradley brings a strong customer focus to developing career managed services and employability programs for our educational clients through his operational expertise.

After completing a double degree in Sport and Recreation Management and Business Management, Bradley commenced work with the Maverick Rose Group as a customer service consultant for Eskimo Sales Solutions. Since then, he has worked across Sagacity Consulting for numerous clients, focussing on improving and optimising the student journey and engagement models.

Now a consultant for Career Ahead, Bradley draws upon his operational knowledge to deliver bespoke education to employment programs and initiatives to our higher education and TAFE partners. Taking a pragmatic approach to industry projects, Bradley shapes employability programs that enable synergies across students, our clients and industry partners.