What does Industry Engagement mean to an Employer?

As an employer, there is much to be gained from offering industry engagement opportunities to tertiary students, however there is little in the way of guidance on how to cultivate these relationships, and ensure they are mutually beneficial. Unfortunately, the value proposition for employers is seldom communicated by the institutions [...]

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How can Employability Programs be improved?

In applying for tertiary institutions, the best and brightest students consider a number of crucial factors which will likely determine the trajectory of their careers for years to come. While curriculum, location, and lifestyle will all play a part, it is the universities offering superior employability programs, and heightened levels [...]

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What do Employers look for in Graduate Candidates?

With Graduate Recruitment such a highly competitive process, it is becoming increasingly common for high profile employers to receive at least 500 applications for roles within their Graduate Program. For the employer, the challenge is to efficiently screen the mountain of candidates, from a myriad of institutions, with the same [...]

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How Can Student Preparation Improve the WIL Experience

While many education institutions pride themselves on the quality of their Work Integrated Learning (WIL) programs, the reality of this experience for students is often characterised by minimal support in the form of preparation for the day-to-day requirements of the job they are about to undertake. The quality of a [...]

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Career Ahead Career Success Programs Support Effective Student Transitions

Terry Trevena, one of Career Ahead’s career success coaches reveals how he is helping equip Monash University students with the employability skills they need to be job-ready in today’s workforce and their future professions. Read Article

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