EmployAbility Glen Eira

A sustainable employment initiative for people with disabilities
and vulnerable youth experiencing barriers to employment.

A unique employment opportunity

EmployAbility Glen Eira is a new community initiative. The program is specifically designed to deliver successful and sustainable employment outcomes for people living with a disability and vulnerable youth living in Glen Eira. The program involves understanding the unique strengths, skills and interests for each individual in the program.

EmployAbility Glen Eira promotes workplaces that are committed to achieving a diverse and inclusive workplace. The program brings together employers and people with disabilities or vulnerable youth to offer sustainable and meaningful job opportunities.

As an individual involved in the program, you will be guided through a structured process to identify your unique strengths and interests to support you to achieve your goals.

The program has strong support from community groups, disability service providers, youth service groups and the broader Glen Eira community.

EmployAbility Glen Eira is a key priority to achieve a community for all abilities.

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Glen Eira City Council has developed this initiative and employability expert Career Ahead are delivering the program.

Career Ahead was founded on the insight that career management is challenging at every stage, from secondary school to further study, from education to employment and throughout a person’s working life.

Through the delivery of a broad range of professional career development services and programs, Career Ahead supports individuals in understanding their career options, to make informed choices and to achieve their goals.

The Career Ahead Team includes:

Career Ahead recognises the strengths and unique interests of each individual and finds work opportunities best suited for them and their career path.

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