Increased Government Investment in Career Guidance

Demand for Career Practitioners is increasing with Governments recognising the importance of career guidance as Australia emerges from the Covid impacts of 2020. The establishment of the National Careers Institute, by the Federal Government, was based on the need to provide both an aggregated platform for career information, but also a substantial investment in career development programs and services across all sectors of the working community. Career development and employability are currently high on both Federal and State Government agendas.

Further investments have been made at state level with both the Victorian and NSW Governments in March announcing programs to provide free career guidance to individuals impacted by Covid-19. Career Advisors in Victoria will be based in libraries, shopping centres and community centres, and will be readily accessible to members of the public for career support. In NSW, by 2022, individuals will have access to an online Job Advisor to support their lifelong career management.

Through these programs, governments are focusing on specific sectors of the workforce, namely youth, women returning to work and mature workers, with additional investments being made into disability and employment services.

These solutions represent acknowledgement of the economic importance of facilitating maximum employment levels across Australia's workforce. It also recognises that employment benefits the individuals, families and the broader community, not just in economic or financial terms, but has other critical social, wellbeing and health benefits.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are being invested nationally into programs to enable effective career transitions across all elements of the workforce. Efforts to create employment are being shared across government, education, employment services, disability employment services and the broader private sector. Career Practitioners are in high demand, with the demand for qualified professionals totally outstripping supply.
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