Career Ahead was founded on the insight that the transition from education to employment is not optimised from any stakeholder perspective.

There is misalignment between the expectations of students, the education sector and industry, which means employability efforts are fragmented and ineffective. Students are not getting the jobs they want, employers are not getting the talent they want, and education institutions are not getting a sufficient return on their employability investment.

Peter Cantwell and Katea Gidley, the co-founders of Career Ahead, worked for 25+ years in industry, ultimately in C-suite roles and across multiple sectors. Peter has an extensive commercial background, working in ASX listed organisations and with MNCs globally. Katea has an extensive human resource background and international experience. Both Peter and Katea managed large, multi-functional workforces and experienced first-hand the challenges related to graduate recruitment, industry engagement and early career development.

The idea behind Career Ahead, was to partner with the education sector, to develop an employability approach from an industry perspective. At Career Ahead, we ‘speak employer’, bringing our deep understanding of what employers are looking for in early career talent, how they manage recruitment processes and how they want to engage with universities, TAFEs and schools. Working backwards from an industry perspective has allowed us to develop employability programs with genuine impact and optimal outcomes for students, education institutions and industry.

At Career Ahead, we are passionate about what we do and committed to delivering programs and services that make a difference. Our experienced Career Success Team all bring deep industry experience to our practice and the multi-disciplinary career experience that is highly regarded by students. We also believe that ‘one size does not fit all’, so we work with our education partners to design bespoke solutions that align to their employability strategies, creating value for students and industry.

Since 2012, we are proud to have designed solutions that have genuinely aligned stakeholders and importantly, positively impacted student employability.