The Importance of Career Guidance for the Future of Work

Today’s Secondary, TAFE and University students are launching their careers in the midst of Industry 4.0, an industrial revolution driven by digitalisation, profoundly changing the world of work. It must be the role of the contemporary Career Practitioner to guide students through this transition, providing insights into the future of work, in particular guidance on 21st century skills and the demand for emerging vocations and professions.

An immediate challenge exists for the career guidance profession to develop their own knowledge and skills in future work trends, as yesterday’s world of work is very different to tomorrow’s landscape. In this context ongoing professional development is more critical than ever for Career Practitioners. It is no longer enough to provide information on further study choices, students need to know about expected labour market demands, priority skill sets, emerging industries and technologies and options for entrepreneurial ventures. In schools across Australia, there is real demand for innovative career education programs and services to prepare our future workforce to navigate Industry 4.0.

The role of Career Practitioners in education in 2021 is rapidly changing, like the world of work, with the need for career education to keep pace with the future. In schools, TAFE’s and universities, the career readiness of students is a critical measure, with graduate employment a hallmark of educational success. The recognition by education providers of the importance of early career development, combined with the establishment of the Australian National Careers Institute has seen increased demand for highly skilled practitioners. In addition we are seeing substantially increased investment by both Federal and State Governments in programs and services that will boost the career readiness of Australian students.

For teachers wanting to diversify their career, there has never been a better time to contemplate a move into career guidance.

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