The Value of Career Guidance in Managing Transitions

Career Practitioners are in demand and, based on labour market changes, the demand is only expected to increase.

Many Australians at some point in their lives will seek to change their career direction. This can be self-initiated for some, based on preferences or new opportunities, but for many this is an involuntary state, fraught with challenges and fear of the unknown.

As a country we are operating in an industrial revolution labelled 4.0, driven by increased automation, technological advances, digitisation and globalisation. Add to this, the impact on careers caused by a global pandemic, and the need for career change is likely to impact the majority of working adults.

Navigating a career change requires strong awareness of the skills, knowledge and capabilities that one has to offer to potential employers, combined with the ability to pitch these in a compelling way. Individuals need to know where to find job opportunities, and they are required to negotiate an increasingly complex job search and application process, much of it now online. They need to develop 21st century skills to ensure they remain relevant in the paradigm of Industry 4.0.

For most job seekers, managing their careers is now a highly complex process, with many seeking professional guidance to navigate their career transitions. Like training for a sport or preparing for an exam, stepping through a career change requires comprehensive preparation and coaching to achieve a winning result.

Seeking guidance from a qualified career practitioner is becoming 'normal', with all elements of the education system providing a careers service, a booming employment services sector being funded by government, the establishment of the National Careers Institute, and organisations such as the Australian Institute of Sport running programs for athletes in career transitions.

Professional career guidance has been proven to accelerate effective career change, demystifying the process and supporting individuals in building the capability and resilience to manage the transition.

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